Friday, August 25, 2006


Figured everything out... for now.
I've been working on life drawings, painting, maya and storyboarding this summer. I started drifting into a new style with life drawing using mainly ink, for gestures and incorporating it into my longer poses... that I'll post soon.

Painting.. instead of my speed painting that I've been doing last year, I've slowed things down a little to see how its helped. I'm liking it but hoping I'll get better soon.

Maya.. just reading up on it mainly, fooling around with the program and seeing what I can do. I started scripting a bit, pretty enjoyable but I keep forgetting commands :/

And storyboarding... Reading up on storyboards more, studying them more and doing some on my own. Hopefully I'll continue devoloping over the summer and into the school year.

That's it for my summer! (and my trip to NAM but thats too long to write about).
Anyone have any stories or what they've been upto?


heri said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but I just found it, and I had to comment ...
your life drawing gestures are Alive and moving!!!


Dave T said...

Hey Heri! Thanks for your comment :D


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