Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life Doorawings

Here are some life drawings! Haven't updated any in a long while... no good ones + lazy = no update. Oh wells.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Final Leica!

I hope this works! My final leica was done in flash. Took me..... long hours but meh. Anyways, sorry for the bad quality. :/

Just in case, the story is about a witch that shoots at children making them disappear. They don't blow up or anything, they just leave a cloud of smoke behind and in the end the smoke is what's used to create the image of the "Scream".... .and that's it. :D

Coloured Concepts!

Some more stuff for my film!.... gotta do coloured layouts soon... running out of time :'(

More FIlm Work!

Some more art for my film! More studies and such trying to narrow down the style.

Film Work

Some of my earlier, quick designs for a rough design pack. Just had some fun with these hehehe.

Royal Winter Fair

Hallo, I haven't posted in a long, long.......long time. But now, since the break has arrived, I have a chance too!
Here is some work from the Royal Winter fair!

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