Thursday, August 31, 2006

Water Soldier

A soldier in water.
About an hour 15 mins. Not to sure, just fooling around with stuff. :D
I was lazy to fix up those smudgy areas.


Jeremy Canton said...

This is really cool man.. Totally inspiring lifedrawings on here! Thanks for sharing. I think I was beside you at TSA lifedrawing one night - and me and the other people around couldn't help but marvel at the beautiful work you just kept pumping out. Fantastic!

Halya said...

So much death.

Phil ROD said...

Very cool david. But you know what would make it cooler? if he was standing in a pool of blood.

Dave T said...

Hey Jeremy! thanks for the compliment and congrats on the entrance into sheridan! You'll have to meet up with me sometime so we can properly introduce each other... I don't know what you look like so your gonna have to find me.. unless you forgot as well :P
I love death Hylia :P ready for school? and that is a good idea mr. Phil. I'll do one in blood next time :D

Halya said...


Dave T said...

Yes! thats two now, You and Phil Hylia :P


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