Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Final Leica!

I hope this works! My final leica was done in flash. Took me..... long hours but meh. Anyways, sorry for the bad quality. :/

Just in case, the story is about a witch that shoots at children making them disappear. They don't blow up or anything, they just leave a cloud of smoke behind and in the end the smoke is what's used to create the image of the "Scream".... .and that's it. :D


Hoggan said...

awesome DAVE! You're my hero! I really liked it though, one of the best at the screening. Is one of the kids Faron? hahaha. Killed me

Conteart said...

Haha thanks man! yea Faron is among the kids :D I'll add more people in the final :D

EdoAvenir said...

loved your story! make this work til the end man, or i'll blow you up for sport


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